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Why don’t you all move here?
November 1, 2006, 6:42 pm
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I danced, danced, and danced. There was Thriller (of course) and Fischerspooner and Magnetic Fields… and my opinion of this town has greatly improved. I don’t see why you can’t all be moved here by next Halloween.

One of the parties in town. These people like parties. They also like girls on roller-skates apparently, saw lots of those.

OH! Check it: I gots heat now. No more Prairiesicle at night when I’m trying to sleep! Aces!


Halloween Moovies
October 30, 2006, 3:35 pm
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If you have Winamp, you can get access to some horror classics via the In2TV service (that comes with the latest free Winamp version). I watched a few Vincent Price and Peter Cushing’s while sewing on the sequins this past weekend. And no, ‘sewing on the sequins’ is not a euphemism for anything naughty. Unlike ‘rubbing the lamb’s shoulder’, from what I understand.

The best was House of Wax. Not the least because of the excellently funny font:

Although… I thought Vincent looked a bit too much like Whistler to be scary.

Apparently, Hollywood of the 50’s thought that this is what artists in the 1800’s looked like.

Who’ll sign my gravy when I’m dead and gone?
October 29, 2006, 3:38 pm
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Today’s kickinassest animal: The Chinese Mitten Crab

October 29, 2006, 11:17 am
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Ugh. I’d say I’m hungover, but I think I’m actually still drunk.

After at least a dozen PBR’s and I have no idea what else, somehow I ended up back home wearing a large mustache (lambchops even), one of my heels broken off, and I now have three cowboy hats. Score!

October 28, 2006, 7:41 pm
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Gettin ready for the parties!

Got a Goodwill shirt. Bought felt, sequins, tassels. Voila! Cowgirl!

I’m wearing it all now and I can’t get a good picture of the skirt, awesome boooots, and my awesome belt with pouch, gun holster and my heart pocket for my bullets. Yes, BH, it’s my belt with the big silver skull.

Put birdies on the back of the shirt.

Arrows on the front. Almost put heart buttons on it too.. but it was too much.

I thought I might use Wild Eyed Rose’s idea and make some big thumbs so I could be Sissy from Even Cowgirls…, but my thumbs came out a lil indecent.

They’re a tad too phallic for me. No really, you should see them up close. It’s really funny.

Paper Mache why do you mock me?

October 22, 2006, 4:26 pm
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Take-home midterms that require three days to write kind of blow. Just in case you were wondering.

In other news. My current list of The Most Awesome:
1. Zucchini
2. Beans
3. Belts
4. Squirrels with tufted ears
5. and… um… Team Muffintops + Lil Rebel who will be visiting me in TWO WEEKS!

Oh. Did I mention that I’ve been roped into being a cowgirl for halloween? Got some excellent boots at the Goodwill with which I will be kicking butts.

October 22, 2006, 4:16 pm
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