Prairie Oyster

There are marshmallows flying all over my house.
December 3, 2006, 9:46 pm
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I want one.

Comment by Jesse

They are very easy. I made five of them. Plus PVC is crazy cheap. Go here:

Comment by prairieoyster

So the thing is essentially a glorified straw that shoots marshmellows instead of spitballs?

I am totally gonna DESTROY my roomates with soft marshmallowy goodness!

Comment by Jesse

I have been making marshmallow guns for some time now and i sell really nice looking ones. From snipers to bazookas i have them all. Check my site out at

Comment by klayman

I agreed with most of the results… except I really wanted Pan’s Labrynth to win best foreign flick and I thought the Mexican lady from Babel was a bet Click

Comment by margiekaufman10540

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