Prairie Oyster

Fun Quiz Time!
November 9, 2006, 2:51 pm
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OK. Muffintops and I got tattoos. So the question is, which tattoo belongs to uber-nerdy me and which to lovely Muffintops?

Just so you know, because Muffintops visited she is officially my coolest friend. If you want to challenge her title you better get yer caboose out here.


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Dood, I’d recognize that shoulder anywhere. So that’s cthulhu, right?

Comment by la blonde parisienne

I know the answer! But mostly ’cause you told me already.

Comment by Dr. Brazen Hussy

It looks cool. Just stop trying to convince Brazen to get one!

Comment by publius

ooooh neato. i would love to visit you especially if i could get a bonus tattoo.

Comment by Wild-Eyed Rose

Publius: NEVER!

Comment by prairieoyster

That’s what I figured. 😦

Comment by publius

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