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Long Damned Weekend
September 25, 2006, 10:04 am
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I honestly don’t think I’ve ever woken up this tired. Actually missed my class (it’s optional, don’t need a 2 hour lecture on TRFLPs today). Possibly I’m ill. I’m a tad dizzy. And I feel like I got hit by a train.

Cocktail party on Saturday. I made candy sushi. The boy didn’t come, but he unexpectedly stopped by the house beforehand. I spilled gin and champagne on him. At the party there was a dance-off. I was worried their floor was going to break.

I made a punch (introduced to us by Cuba Libre). It really is the most delicious thing ever.

Bombay Punch

1 bottle dry sherry
1 bottle brandy
1/2 c triple sec
1/2 c Maraschino
4-5 bottles of champagne
some powdered sugar (to taste)
juice from all of these lemons

Combine everything but the champagne in a bowl, plop in some blocks o’ ice (I had blueberries embedded in my ice). Then through in the champagne. If you’ve been drinking French 75’s all evening, let someone else open the champagne.

Sunday I hung out with this lil guy all day:

He was so fun, but he made me veeeeerrrrry tired.

Notice how he’s sleeping soundly on my bed. That lasted 15 minutes.

My boss on the Nicaragua project was here and we did the tourist thing with her hubby and new baby (turned 3 months yesterday). Then I babysat for the afternoon/evening. Afterwards we met and talked about what the hell I’m doing for my dissertation. It was an excellent but long god-damned day. By the end I looked like a banshee. Now I have a huge report and an exam due tomorrow.

It was all very worth it, but I just want to die right now.


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Geez, a baby and a party? Wacky.

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