Prairie Oyster

September 7, 2006, 1:57 pm
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I can’t survive the week. Please to give me advice.

It seems that with my current load I can’t manage to get through the work week without having a meltdown. Last week I woke up on Friday in the worst mood and proceeded to be incredibly pissed off and generally unwillingly to listen to anyone’s research… including faculty. This week I didn’t even make it to Friday; I’m really unhealthily stressed out TODAY. At one point I realized that I had been frantically rubbing my eye for about 2 minutes and then couldn’t see straight.

Granted the stress today is partially due to the fact that my debit card was stolen and had to be cancelled, which means that I won’t have access to my bank account for a couple weeks. But, normally something like that wouldn’t bother me too much (after all, I have very little money to steal).

But I know if I stay stressed, I’ll get all the lovely problems I usually get: back pain, shooting pain in my ears, psoriasis, ulcers, and I’ll pretty much start feeling like a dope 24 hours a day. Arrgh!

I love everything I’m doing and I’m really excited to be here, so I really don’t understand why I’m so crazy tired and tense. What the hell should I do?


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Wow, that sucks. When I get that stressed out, I tend to either engage in massive escapism over the weekend (silly movies, sci fi novels, video games), exercise, or massive alchohol consumption. Preferably all three.

Wish you were here, and we could console each other in our mutual misery!

Comment by publius

I agree. You may just need to step back and gain some perspective. Maybe it’s not so much stress as it is too much new stuff all at once? Maybe it’s time for a Labrynth viewing?

Comment by La Blonde Parisienne

Thanks guys!

I needed a break from humanity. I am such a pathetic homebody, not being home for several days was probably bad. It just makes me mean. Arrrrrrrgh.

OH, and I bought myself a present, that helped too! I’ve been wanting the Black Rider album for such a long time. Tom Waits AND William S. Burroughs. Too bad they won’t put out a recording of the 2004 show I saw.

And it’s a great soundtrack while reading about global warming and tropical forest fires… who knew??

Comment by prairieoyster

Did you survive? Please tell me you survived. It would make me sad if you did not.

Comment by Jesse

Thanks, Jesse!! That actually made my morning.

Comment by prairieoyster

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