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Beer Fest!!
September 30, 2006, 10:30 pm
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Yay for cheap yummy beer!

Oh and for chainsaw jugglers, the world’s slowest bike race, and these things:

Funny how when you live in a really nice town, open air festivals are not in any way annoying. There was a shocking lack of drunk assholes. It was fabulous.


Sweet 16
September 27, 2006, 2:03 pm
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Happy Birthday to my Boogerbrain!!

I can’t believe he’s already 16. It’s so scary! My lil brother is getting so big.

OK, may not ‘big’ as far as body mass goes. Or height. More like ‘big’ in spirit.

Here’s a puzzle for you all. Can you find the 14 year old Boogerbrain hiding in the grass? OK. Can you find the Dozer dog who he’s hiding from?

Long Damned Weekend
September 25, 2006, 10:04 am
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I honestly don’t think I’ve ever woken up this tired. Actually missed my class (it’s optional, don’t need a 2 hour lecture on TRFLPs today). Possibly I’m ill. I’m a tad dizzy. And I feel like I got hit by a train.

Cocktail party on Saturday. I made candy sushi. The boy didn’t come, but he unexpectedly stopped by the house beforehand. I spilled gin and champagne on him. At the party there was a dance-off. I was worried their floor was going to break.

I made a punch (introduced to us by Cuba Libre). It really is the most delicious thing ever.

Bombay Punch

1 bottle dry sherry
1 bottle brandy
1/2 c triple sec
1/2 c Maraschino
4-5 bottles of champagne
some powdered sugar (to taste)
juice from all of these lemons

Combine everything but the champagne in a bowl, plop in some blocks o’ ice (I had blueberries embedded in my ice). Then through in the champagne. If you’ve been drinking French 75’s all evening, let someone else open the champagne.

Sunday I hung out with this lil guy all day:

He was so fun, but he made me veeeeerrrrry tired.

Notice how he’s sleeping soundly on my bed. That lasted 15 minutes.

My boss on the Nicaragua project was here and we did the tourist thing with her hubby and new baby (turned 3 months yesterday). Then I babysat for the afternoon/evening. Afterwards we met and talked about what the hell I’m doing for my dissertation. It was an excellent but long god-damned day. By the end I looked like a banshee. Now I have a huge report and an exam due tomorrow.

It was all very worth it, but I just want to die right now.

The Lady Vanishes
September 17, 2006, 12:54 pm
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I’m thinking I’m going to get one night a week to just be at home and be able to open my computer and not feel compelled to do any work.

This week’s Netflix: The Lady Vanishes. Hitchcock from 1938. Actually pretty funny, and it has two characters from ‘Passport to Pimlico’, if you know that one. Here’s my drink to go with it.

‘The Lady Vanishes’ Cocktail
Plop into your shaker:
– Ice
– Juice from half a lime
– 1 tbsp Sugar
– 2 jiggers of Birthday Gin
– 1 half of a handful of blueberries that were squished while you were hiking in the desert earlier that day… or while you were running away from eastern european spies while carrying a secret code back to Her Majesty’s government. Either will do really.

Shake vigorously and strain into a glass. Optional: add blueberries to bottom of glass. Gin with a sweet blueberry aftertaste.

September 17, 2006, 12:07 pm
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My favoritest pal here and I decided to goof off yesterday and take a roadtrip! It’s been getting chilly here, so we decided to descend 2000 feet and go hang out in the desert (it’s only an hour or so away).

The Descent:

The Destination:

It’s going to be kind of creepy to get to travel so easily between the snow here in the winter and the desert so close by. But it’s going to be so awesome!

Still Alive… I think.
September 14, 2006, 10:00 am
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Committee meeting today!!!

I made very kick-ass powerpoints (of course, because I am awesome). Now I need to convince them they didn’t make a mistake accepting me. Muchos grassyass to La Blonde for making me more confident about the methods. Oh, and I stole Lil Rebels concept for some of the slides. Too bad your too far away to stop me!

Wish me luck!

September 7, 2006, 1:57 pm
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I can’t survive the week. Please to give me advice.

It seems that with my current load I can’t manage to get through the work week without having a meltdown. Last week I woke up on Friday in the worst mood and proceeded to be incredibly pissed off and generally unwillingly to listen to anyone’s research… including faculty. This week I didn’t even make it to Friday; I’m really unhealthily stressed out TODAY. At one point I realized that I had been frantically rubbing my eye for about 2 minutes and then couldn’t see straight.

Granted the stress today is partially due to the fact that my debit card was stolen and had to be cancelled, which means that I won’t have access to my bank account for a couple weeks. But, normally something like that wouldn’t bother me too much (after all, I have very little money to steal).

But I know if I stay stressed, I’ll get all the lovely problems I usually get: back pain, shooting pain in my ears, psoriasis, ulcers, and I’ll pretty much start feeling like a dope 24 hours a day. Arrgh!

I love everything I’m doing and I’m really excited to be here, so I really don’t understand why I’m so crazy tired and tense. What the hell should I do?